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Leo Domino Kids Karate Instructor

Leo Domino in Lake Forest - The 1-2 Punch Martial Arts

Leo Domino

Soke Grand Master Domino is the owner, Academy Director, and Master Instructor for both The 1-2 Punch: Family Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Lake Forest and Song Yi Karate and Fitness Center in Bell. One of Grand Master Domino’s earliest instructors was Master Song Yi who was a direct student of the founder of the Kang Duk Won Tae Kwon Do. His impact on Grand Master Domino’s training is what led to the naming of Song Yi Karate and Fitness Center, which was the number one  martial arts and fitness location in Southeast Los Angeles for over 40 years! The other Tae Kwon Do instructor who has had a profound influence on Grand Master Domino throughout his training career is Grand Master Won K. Bai, one of the highest ranked Tae Kwon Do Masters in the world at 9th Dan Black Belt and founder of the Pan American Tae Kwon Do-Han Moo Kwan Federation. Throughout his 40+ year journey in the martial arts Grand Master Domino has sought out the finest martial arts instruction in a wide variety of martial arts systems. His extensive experience in multiple martial arts styles has led to the formation of a unique curriculum that combines in a synergistic formula the best of many martial arts systems. This very effective system of self-defense is considered to be Grand Master Domino’s crowning achievement. His martial art creation is called MUGEN BUJUTSU, which translated means a martial art with no limitations. Under the umbrella of the Mugen Bujutsu system, many elemental martial arts make up the vital aspects of Mugen Bujutsu such as Mugen Tae Kwon Do, Mugen Hapkido, Mugen Jiujitsu, Mugen Thai Kickboxing, Mugen Judo and others.  When asked on what he feels his best achievement or contribution as a martial arts instructor is, he will say “anytime I can help a student, through training, to improve themselves and become a better person, then I have accomplished something good!”    

Highlights of some of Grand Master Domino’s primary achievements

  • Founder of Mugen Bujutsu and President of the International Mugen Bujutsu Association.
  • 9th degree black belt - Mugen Bujutsu and all elemental martial arts under the Mugen Bujutsu system. 
  • 9th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do – Pan American Tae Kwon Do Federation.
  • 8th degree black belt – Han Moo Kwan – Korean Han Moo Kwan Association.
  • Vice president of Pan American Tae Kwon Federation – California branch.
  • 7th degree black belt – Hapkido – World Hosin Hapkido Federation.
  • Certified Master Instructor - World Hosin Hapkido Federation.
  • 8th degree black belt – Kickboxing – World Kickboxing League.
  • Grand Master Instructor certified World Kickboxing League.
  • 7th degree black belt - World Tae Kwon Do Federation/Kukkiwon Certified
  • Inducted into USMA International Hall of Fame as Most Distinguished Martial Artist of the Year 2006
  • 8th degree black belt – Jujitsu – United States Martial Arts Association.
  • Certified Master rank examiner – Jujitsu - United States Martial Arts Association.
  • 5th degree black belt – Judo – United States Martial Arts Association.
  • Certified Senior Rank Examiner – Judo – United States Martial Arts Association.
  • Certified Senior Rank Instructor – Judo – United States Martial Arts Association.
  • 3rd degree black belt - Judo - United States Judo Association
  • 5th degree black belt – Arnis – through the American Combat Arts Federation.
  • Certified Master Instructor - Arnis – American Combat Arts Federation.
  • Was certified for many years as a Tae Bo® Aerobics Instructor through the founder of Tae Bo® - Billy Blanks.

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