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KICKBOXING Success Stories

Amazing workout... great staff!!!

"Started a kickboxing workout class at The 1-2 Punch and what an amazing workout! I had no idea they had these types of classes. It is so much fun too. The instructor was really fun and knowledgeable. He helped each student's workout depending on their level of fitness. I am a beginner but they teach all levels at the school. The workout varies so I don't get bored. It's very high energy and really motivating. So much different than the workouts I do at the regular gym I belong to. Much more personal and fun. Definitely the best workout I've had! - Cecilia S. (Foothill Ranch)

I attend the kickboxing class twice a week at 1-2 Punch

"Not only do the instructors provide proper training in technique, they focus on strength and agility as well. I especially enjoy the classes because each one is different; a challenging and fun workout! The instructors push you hard, but they want to help you achieve personal goals. It's great; try it!" - Kat M. (Aliso Viejo)

I LOVE this kickboxing class!

"If you're looking for a fun energetic way to get in shape you have to try The 1-2 Punch. The instructors are great! Not only will they motivate you to do your best but they give you the personal attention you need to get a great workout while helping you perfect your form. You will definitely feel and see awesome results right away! No matter what fitness level you are at, this class is for you!" - Virginia P. (Lake Forest)

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